What are the dates?

July 24th – 28th 2024

What are the hours of operation to run trains?

Thursday Morning to Sunday Afternoon

Is it open to the public?

On Saturday from noon to 4:00pm

What is the Cost?

Currently it is looking to be around $25 USD per participant.

What is pay to play?

If you are coming to play you need to pay.

Do I need to be part of a group to attend?


Do I need to register to attend?

Yes registration will be available in January 2024 

Where exactly is Evanston Wyoming?

It 120 miles from Salt Lake City UT. 600 miles from Canada, 600 miles from Mexico and 600 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Can I fly into Evanston? 

No. The nearest airports are Salt Lake City (SLC) 88 miles away or Rock Springs 100 miles away.

Is there camping available that isn’t in an RV park?

Yes, camping is open on public lands outside town.

Do I need to bring a module to attend?

You do not need to bring a module to attend, you do need to bring a good attitude and come to work.

Is everyone guaranteed a spot in the layout(s)?

If you have a module, most likely. Each layout/standard will have its own criteria for checking in and validation. Check the respective standards page here to find out.

Are there any “clubs/groups” that are planning to attend together that I can car pool with?

Ask your local group if they are coming

Will there be Vendors?

No, not at this Event.

How many participants are you expecting?

150 to 200

Do I need to bring my own trains?

Yes and no, it is preferred that you bringing your own trains, but you might be able to borrow some.

My locomotives aren’t DCC, can I run them on the layout?

That depends on the layout you are running on. Free-moN must be DCC. Check each standards page on this site for more information.

Will the FreemoN layout DCC run off of Digitrax or NCE?


Are there options for non Digitrax users to run trains?

There will be extra throttles and the ability to use your smartphone

How are the modeling contests being judged?

No clue we are making this up as we go, come and find out what we come up with

Are mini drones allowed in the venue for videos and photos?

Yes, but the Pilot/Owner is responsible for all damage done if there is an accident.

How many layouts will there be?

3 to 5

What other railfanning is worthwhile near the area?

The UP mainline is 300′ away & Echo canyon is about 20 – 30 minutes West

Can I ride the turn table?

Yes rides will be available while a turntable operator is present?

Will the event be livestreamed?

Parts of it yes

I heard about door prizes, what is this?

Come and find out

Whom do we contact individually about specific parts of the event?

Email any specific questions or questions not answered here to: Nsalemeet@gmail.com