Free-moN is a standard for those that want to maximize prototypical modeling with the following objectives:

  • To promote and require hi-fidelity prototypical scale model railroading.
  • To ensure reliable track and electrical operation.
  • To encourage visual continuity between modules.
  • To encourage a loose association among individuals free from club memberships, dues and titles.
  • To keep the standard specifications to a minimum without compromising the previous objectives.

Modules are made to be set at 50″ from the floor. Code 55 rail is used for the mainline, curves have a minimum 22″ radius, and #6 turnouts. With tracks running down the middle of the module. End plates are built that enable track to line up and be able to have the tracks line up between modules. And with standardized scenery at the end-plates (to merge visually with adjacent modules).