T Trak

T-Trak is a newer standard that utilizes and is based off of Kato Unitrak for the track and are placed onto tables instead of having their own supporting legs. There are many different options of module sizes that you can build and utilize. However the two basic are straight and corners. Straight modules are in multiples of 310mm with the module frame being 2-4mm shorter in order to let the tracks connect together easily. Any depth is possible but 8 1/4” and 12 1/8” with a maximum depth of 14 3/8” is recommended. Corners are 14-3/8″ square. Frame heights should be 2-3/4″ and must be adjustable to 4″. The front Track is 1 1/2″ from the front of the module and the rear Track is 33mm behind that. To find out more information you can head here: NRail – T-TRAK Standards