Evanston WY N-Scale meet 2024

If you are here, you are Family.

This event is about “Raising the Bar for N-scale”, it is also to showcase the best of what the three largest N-scale Modular standards in the country are capable of. We want to come together to have fun, share ideas, build and run some epic layouts!

This Is an N-Scale event for the modeler by the modeler. E24 is a pay to play event, which means each there is a charge of $20 per participant to attend. It is tentatively scheduled for July 24-28 2024 in Evanston Wyoming, in the historic Roundhouse and Machine shop.

There will not be any dealers or manufacturers with booths setup. The entire space is dedicated to modular N scale layouts. There will be limited time that the event will be open to the public. Operations of the layouts can go 24 hours of the day for the time we have the Buildings. We are planning clinics, tours, door prizes and at least 2 dinners.

Below is the Video done about E21, ENJOY.